Antimicrobial discs and tests:

    Antimicrobial Susceptibility testing of bacterial and fungal isolates is a common and important technique in most clinical laboratories. The results of these tests are used for selection of the most appropriate antimicrobial agent(s) for treatment against the infectious organisms.

    For convenience and economy of conducting antimicrobial susceptibility tests RIDACOM provides Hexa, Dodeca and Icosa Discs. These are enhanced extensions of already existing Octo Discs. These series of discs gives the privilege to study large number of antibiotics at one time. These discs along with Octo Discs are made of unique inert material which enhances their absorption hence allowing faster adherеnce of discs to the media. Moreover, the discs are designed in such a way that each antibiotic on a single ring is at least 24 mm apart from the others, thus reducing the merging of zones. RIDACOM also undertakes manufacture of various customer-specific combinations of discs for a bulk quantity on request.

    Files for download:
    Download Zone Size Interpretative Chart (Based on Results obtained using Mueller Hinton Agar)