Tests for hormones / anabols:

    To increase the effectiveness of livestock breeding, hormones and anabolics can be used as growth promoters to enhance average daily weight gain and the meat/fat ratio. As a consequence, hormone and anabolic residues can remain in food of animal origin and bear a potential health risk for consumers.

    Additionally, the entry of hormonal effective substances into surface and ground water by manure can have an impact on aquatic ecosystems. Through drinking water and fish consumption, hormone residues can reenter the food chain. Therefore, in most countries the use of hormones and anabolics in livestock breeding is completely banned with exceptions for veterinary purposes.

    RIDACOM presents test systems for the analysis of hormones and anabolics in food.

    RIDASCREEN® ELISAs allow specific and quantitative determination of hormones and anabolics by immunological antibody-antigen recognition and measurement by microtiter-plate photometer.