Identification of animal species:

    Within the meat production process in the slaughterhouse, from minced meat and processed meat up to meat containing feed, the species of the meat might not always be clear. This poses the risk of product falsification meaning that meat from a species of lower value might be declared as meat from animals of higher value.

    Using real-time PCR different animal species can be identified in qualitative and quantitative fractions. The qualitative real-time PCR enables a highly sensitive and specific identification of the animal species in the presence of meat from other species. A prerequisite for these methods is the presence of intact DNA which cannot be guaranteed for all highly processed food samples.

    Gelatin or products of highly purified fats and oils or other non food products may contain even strongly reduced DNA amount. Processed / heated food samples, e.g. sausages, should be prepared using the DNA preparation PREP X kit.