Tests for vitamins:

    Food products are now being enriched and fortified with vitamins in many forms. But does the amount present in the food at the end of the shelf life match the label on the package?

    RIDACOM provides an opportunity to the food manufacturers, regulatory agencies and commercial laboratories analytical methods on hand that allow them quickly and reliably determine the natural and added vitamin content of food products.

    Product testing:

    There are different methods for analyzing water soluble vitamins: ELISA, immunoaffinity columns (AIC) microbiological and enzymatic microtiter plates. Notice that with the Elisa test system only added vitamins in simple matrices can be analysed. When using immunoaffinity columns in conjuction with HPLC, the sample is purified and the vitamin is retained by antibody in the column.

    Using the vitamin B12 and biotin IAC, you can determine the total vitamin content.

    With the folic acid IAC you can only determine added folic acid.

    Depending on the sample preparation added or total vitamin content can be determined with the microbiological VitaFast® test.

    With the new enzymatic VitaFast® Vitamin C test in microtiter plate format a determination of total vitamin C content (L-ascorbic acid and L-dehydroascorbic acid) is possible.