Dehydrated Culture Media :

    Dehydrated culture media are available in six different formats:

    • Powder Culture Media - the most complete range of highest quality Dehydrated culture media (over 2000 different formulations). Suitable for use in packs of 100, 500 or 2500 grams.

    • Granulated Media - granulated media has similar qualitative attributes to that of powdered dehydrated culture media with several added benefits in physical parameters. Increased bulk density has been shown to have improved the packaging, storage and transport.

    • HiEncap™ Media - granulated culture media in capsules. The dehydrated culture medium is enclosed in a gelatin capsule and is premeasured for 250, 500 or 1000 mL. HiEncap are convenient to use, pH adjusted, ready to be autoclaved and require simple boiling.

    • HiCrome™ Media - a wide range of culture media employing the chromogen technology of visual identification that significantly removes the guesswork out of identification and differentiation, thereby obviating the need for subculturing, thus saving time. The methodology is simple and is designed specifically for each bacteria. Microorganisms are identified through simple enzymatic reactions, characteristic for their species, yielding visually distinct colours.

    • HiVeg™ Culture Media - more than 750 culture media products in which the protein source is 100% vegetable peptones. These culture media have growth characteristics comparable to those of the standard media that use animal peptones. In order to produce the vegetable peptones HiVeg, mixtures of different vegetable proteins such as corn gluten, pea protein, soy protein (GMO Free), wheat gluten, rice gluten, protein of the cotton seed are used.

    • HiCynth™ Culture Media - the 5th generation dehydrated culture media where animal and plant peptones are replaced with chemically defined peptones. This entire revolutionary range of products will help to reduce the variability in the raw material sources and be environment friendly as they have a lower carbon footprint overall.