Mycotoxin standards:

    Trilogy® also provides a wide range of certified and analytical standards for over 30 different mycotoxins, both in solvents and in dry form. The Trilogy® standards can be used for spiking experiments in order to check laboratory performance or for analysis of mycotoxins by HPLC or GC.

    The Trilogy® dried standards are very easy to use. A simple reconstitution step reduces the need to handle hazardous mycotoxin powders.

    The Trilogy® liquid standards are ready to use and contain mycotoxins in dissolved specified organic solvents. They are both intended for use by customers who do not have a spectrophotometer or for those who want to ensure accurate HPLC determination of mycotoxins with minimal preparation and effort. Shelf life for both types of mycotoxin standards is typically 12 months after production in addition to that the Trilogy® dried standards have 6 months shelf life after reconstitution.