HiSafe™ Blood Culturing System:

    Blood is one of the most important specimens received by the laboratory. Since blood is normally sterile, blood cultures are of great importance in diagnosing blood - stream related infections such as endocarditis, typhoid fever, pneumonia, suppurative thrombophlebitis, infections of vascular grafts etc.

    Blood is collected from the patient (before commencing antibiotic therapy preferably) using a sterile blood collection set and transferred aseptically to HiSafe™Blood Culture Bottle containing a suitable growth medium (depending on the suspected pathogen). The bottle is then incubated and observed for turbidity, colour change, hemolysis and gas production.

    HiSafeBlood Culturing system is a fast, efficient and simple detection and preliminary identification system for microorganisms from blood. The liquid nutrient media are available in two sizes - for Paediatric use (20 mL) for Adult use (70 mL). The blood’s natural bactericidal or bacteriostatic action as well as antibiotics used in therapy may delay or reduce the chances of obtaining a positive culture. Hence substances such as liquid sodium polyanethol sulfonate (SPS) may be used as a non-toxic anticoagulant which enables bacterial growth and prevents the action of natural bacterial inhibitors of blood. All HiSafe™ Blood Culture media have been developed to support the growth of a variety of clinically significant pathogenic microorganisms and also fastidious ones. It offers a wide range of culture media like BHI - Brain Heart Infusion, BHI - Supplemented w/ 0.05% SPS, Columbia Broth, Fluid Thioglycollate Medium w/ 0.05% SPS, Glucose Broth Supplemented w/ 0.05 % SPS, Hartley Broth, Hartley Broth w/ 0.05% SPS, Modified Wilkins Chalgren Broth, Schaedler Broth, Thioglycollate Broth, Tryptone Soya Broth, Tryptone Soya Broth Supplemented w/ 0.05% SPS, Tryptone Soya Broth w/ 10% Sucrose.

    HiCombi Dual Performance Medium contains in a single glass bottle, a combination of broth and one agar coated surface. Both types of media are rich in growth factors enabling detection of the obligate aerobes and facultative anaerobes which cause septicemia. The special peptone used provides a variety of amino acids, yeast extract provides vitamins, hemin and NAD are growth factors for fastidious bacteria such as Haemophilus. The combination medium is strongly recommended for rapid growth of Enterobacteriaceae, Pseudomonas species, Staphylococci, Streptococci, Candida species. A TWO in ONE STEP procedure involving inoculation and simultaneous isolation on solid surface is achieved. HiCombi Dual Performance Medium is available in two sizes - for Paediatric use: solid phase (7 mL) and liquid (20 mL) medium and for Adult use: solid phase (20 mL) and liquid (40 mL) medium.

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