Ready prepared media in plates:

    RIDACOM offers the widest range of ready prepared culture media for microbiology, that can be used in different areas - Clinical Microbiology, Microbiology of food and beverages, Environment, Cosmetics, Dairy, Water, Pharmaceutical industry, Sterility testing, etc.

    RIDACOM proffers prepared culture media with the following characteristics:

    • They are produced in premium, high-tech production facilities that meet the highest international quality standards.
    • They comply with the latest trends in microbiology and are created from high-quality raw materials from leading manufacturers of dehydrated culture media in the world: BD, HIMEDIA, MERCK, OXOID.
    • They have warranty for controlled storage conditions in our cold storage facilities and transport to your lab in the shortest possible time.

    Ready prepared culture media that RIDACOM offers are:

    - Ready prepared culture media – They are subject to strict quality control by an accredited laboratory for quality.

    - Ready prepared culture media storable at room temperatures - They are manufactured by unique technology to be stored at room temperature with expiry date as long as 7 months from the date they are manufactured.