Automatic pipettes:

    Success in science, as in every other field, has its own cornerstones. Very often what makes the difference between the great discovery and the fruitless quest is the precision of measurements.

    Among the products that RIDACOM offers you can find automatic pipettes - a worldwide established standard for precision and comfort without compromise. The automatic pipettes included in our product list are made of the highest quality materials and with great attention to detail.

    Besides the classic pipette models, in order to let our clients go hand in hand with technology development, we offer automatic pipettes, constructed by innovative design. Thus we make your choice even wider and provide you with the pipette model that matches your research field the best.

    Precise and reliable automatic pipettes are an absolute must for the highest-level laboratory practice. RIDACOM offers you a wide range of mechanical and electronic pipettes that would be the basis of a successful study.

    • ecopipette belongs to world’s highest class automatic pipettes. ecopipette is the only one that work both with variable and fixed volume changeable volume counter. ecopipette automatic pipettes are made of durable renewable resources, guaranteeing extended lifetime and making a good choice for those of you who are eco conscious. ecopipette product line includes fixed and variable volume automatic pipettes.
    • Automatic pipettes CappBravo embody classics and the highest level of precision in ergonomic Danish design. CappBravo are offered as variable and fixed volume automatic pipettes.
    • With CappTrio - 1 pipette with 3 fixed volumes you save time, space and some discomfort!
    • CappMicrobiology is used with extended length straw type tips and is specially designed for microbiological tests in food industry.
    • RIDACOM offers a great variety of multichannel pipettes – CappAero 8-, 12-, 16-, 48- or 64-channel pipettes which are the best choice for work with multiwell plates.
    • CappMaestro and CappTronic electronic pipettes are the most user-friendly automated pipettes and stand out with incredibly intuitive user interface. The standard functions (automated pipetting, multi dispensing, dilution and mixing) of CappMaestro and CappTronic electronic pipettes are the most innovative way to optimize your serial work.