Workshop: Applications of real-time PCR in quality control and food safety RIDACOM & R-Biopharm - 25 October 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria


    Dear Partners and Friends!

    The RIDACOM team is pleased to invite you to a unique, practical, training workshop - "Application of real-time PCR in quality control and food safety" focused on real-time PCR application in food and beverage testing.

    The seminar will be held on October 25, 2019, at the Center for Applied Studies and Innovation - CASI, Sofia in cooperation with our partners from R-Biopharm AG.

    The main focus will be on the use of molecular biological methods and in particular real-time PCR, in food and beverage quality and safety tests, the benefits and opportunities for routine application of the method.

    Together with our guest lecturer from R-Biopharm, we will present and demonstrate the best practices in DNA isolation, preparation and detection, as well as a host of innovative products and technologies that not only facilitate lab work but also ensure accurate, reproducible and documented results.

    Part of the highlights will be:

    - Overall solutions and competencies for the introduction of molecular biological methods in food and beverage quality and safety testing

    - Detection of pathogens, viruses, GMOs, allergens, counterfeits and more - fast, accurate, reliable, and now affordable

    - Innovation in pipetting

    - .................. and many other exciting and intriguing laboratory solutions...

    In the practical part, each of you will have the opportunity to try and work with high-tech and innovative devices and products from the most recognized manufacturers worldwide, such as Eppendorf, CAPP, HiMedia Laboratories, Scientific Industries, DNA Technology, Benchmark Scientific, DeNovix, Accuris, Genolution and others.

    A number of global innovations will be presented and demonstrated - do not miss the opportunity to see and try them out!!!

    The forthcoming seminars are suitable for specialists and quality control managers, specialists from microbiology and food, water and beverage laboratories, for managers from all departments in the food industry and heads of laboratory units.

    After the seminar, there will be a cocktail party where in a pleasant drinking environment, you will have the time and mood for discussions between colleagues and partners with common professional interests.

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    Files for download:
    Download Покана Семинар RIDACOM 25.10
    Download Програма Семинар RIDACOM 25.10.2019