Workshop: Veterinary diagnostics with real-time PCR RIDACOM - 14 November 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria


    Dear Partners and Friends!

    Following the hugely successful previous seminars, RIDACOM team is pleased to invite you to the last for this year unique practical training workshop – “Veterinary diagnostics by real-time PCR“, focused on real-time PCR application in the diagnosis of infectious diseases in animals.

    The seminar will be entirely practical and will be held on November 14th 2019, at the Center for Applied Studies and Innovation - CASI, Sofia.

    The main focus will be on the use of molecular biological methods and in particular, real-time PCR, in the diagnosis of infectious diseases in animals, the advantages and opportunities for routine application of the method.

    We will present and demonstrate best practices in the isolation, preparation and detection of Nucleic Acids, as well as numerous innovative products and technologies that not only facilitate laboratory work but also guarantee accurate, reliable, reproducible and documented results.

    Part of the highlights will be:

    - Complete portfolio of infectious disease detection kits

    - Opportunities for customization and custom-made kits for specific needs and purposes

    - Overall solutions and competencies for the introduction of molecular biological methods in the diagnosis of infectious diseases in animals

    - Automation and optimization in isolation of Nucleic Acids

    - Pipetting innovation

    - DeNovix DS-11 FX + - the most sensitive micro-volume spectrophotometer / fluorometer.- Winner of the 2017 Scientists' Choice Awards. and 2018. and the Platinum Seal of Quality Award

    - And many other exciting and intriguing lab solutions…

    In the practical part, each of you will have the opportunity to try and work with high-tech and innovative devices and products from the most recognized manufacturers worldwide, such as Eppendorf, CAPP, HiMedia Laboratories, Scientific Industries, DNA Technology, Benchmark Scientific, DeNovix, MTCBio, Genolution and more.

    A number of global innovations will be presented and demonstrated - do not miss the opportunity to try them out !!!

    After the seminar, a cocktail party will be organized where, in a pleasant atmosphere and a drink, there will be time for discussions between colleagues and partners with common professional interests.

    Attention !!! Seats for the upcoming event are limited and pre-registration is required.

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    Files for download:
    Download Покана за семинар 14.11.19г