Workshop: Multiplex Molecular Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases, 26 March 2020, Sofia, Bulgaria


    Dear Partners and Friends!

    The RIDACOM team is thrilled to invite you to our first for 2020 hands-on workshop - "Multiplex Molecular Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases".

    When? - March 26, 2020

    Where? - Center for Applied Studies and Innovation - CASI, Sofia, 8 Dragan Tsankov Blvd.

    Together with our partners at CerTest, the world leader in molecular diagnostics of infectious diseases, we will demonstrate the VIASURE series of products, which is based on a unique multiplex Real-Time PCR analysis technology that allows the simultaneous examination of more than 20 pathogens in a single sample. Diagnostic panels include microorganisms that present a serious challenge for professionals to identify them quickly and accurately.

    A few of the benefits of CerTest's VIASURE whales are:

    • Fast and convenient working format - all reagents are pre-loaded into PCR tubes and lyophilized. Only 2 steps are required before starting the analysis - rehydrating the master mix and adding DNA
    • All tests have the same temperature protocol of operation, which allows several tests to be carried out simultaneously with one program in the PCR.
    • Validated for more than 40 different Real-Time PCRs. Yours is certainly one of them!
    • Long shelf life: 2 years

    The main focus will be:

    • Complete portfolio of kits for multiplex diagnosis of bacterial, viral and parasitic agents of gastrointestinal, respiratory, sexually transmitted infections, sepsis and meningitis
    • Opportunities for personalization and custom-made kits for specific needs and purposes
    • Complete solutions and competencies in the implementation of molecular biological methods in routine diagnostic practice
    • Antimicrobial resistance detection kits
    • Automation and optimization for DNA / RNA extraction
    • Innovations in pipetting
    • DeNovix DS-11 FX + - the most sensitive micro-volume spectrophotometer and fluorometer. Winner of the 2017s and 2018s Scientists' Choice Awards and the Platinum Seal of Quality Award.
    • And many other exciting and intriguing lab solutions…

    In the practical part, each of you will have the opportunity to try and work with high-tech and innovative devices and products from the most recognized manufacturers worldwide, such as Eppendorf, CAPP, HiMedia Laboratories, Scientific Industries, DNA Technology, Benchmark Scientific, DeNovix, MTCBio, Genolution and more.

    After the seminar, a cocktail party will be organized where, in a pleasant atmosphere and a drink, there will be time for discussions between colleagues and partners with common professional interests.

    Attention !!! Seats for the upcoming event are limited and pre-registration is required.

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