Revolution in microbiology: Autof MS 1000 MALDI-ToF - RIDACOM Webinar - 28 July 2021


    Dear Partners and Friends,

    Rapid and accurate identification of microorganisms is crucial in diagnosis. Although conventional methods, which are based mainly on biochemical tests and lengthy incubation procedures, are precise and sensitive, they are time consuming and expensive to use on a daily basis.

    MALDI-ToF is a revolutionary analytical technology that reduces the time for identification of microorganisms, provides higher sensitivity and specificity at the level of species and strains, and reduces the cost of reagents and consumables, thus offering a solution to the problems posed by traditional techniques.

    We are pleased to invite you to join our webinar on 28.07.2021 (Wednesday) from 14:00, where we will provide more detailed information about the characteristics and operation of the Autof MS 1000 - MALDI-ToF.

    Webinar agenda:

    1️⃣ Introduction

    2️⃣ Description and application of the MALDI-ToF method

    3️⃣ Presentation of Autof MS 1000 and the real-time workflow

    4️⃣ Comparative characteristics of Autof MS 1000 with other MALDI-TOF systems

    5️⃣ Summary and questions

    Participation information:

    ???? 02:00 PM on 28.07.2021

    ???? Virtual room:

    ???? Meeting ID: 530 079 6125

    ???? Password: MALDI

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    We are looking to seeing you there!

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