Rapid test for COVID-19 - RIDACOM Webinar - 5 September 2021


    Dear pharmacists,

    The pandemic for you as a first-line medical professional is a huge challenge - providing medicines and medical supplies in a situation of global scarcity is something for which we all thank you.

    The ever-changing situation has led to something else - the group of medical supplies has been supplemented by products for rapid diagnosis of COVID-19. They are many, diverse and with specific characteristics. Patients often seek them out and need advice on their use. The quick tests for COVID-19 are products that deserve a deeper understanding of their characteristics and principle of operation - that's why we invite you to an online seminar dedicated to them.

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    Main topics duscussed during the webinar will be:

    • SARS-CoV-2 virus and the diagnostics.
    • How we identify it?
    • We will to to give an accurate answer to the question: "Why not all tests are equal in quality and use?"
    • How to properly consult our patients coming with different cases in the pharmacy.

    Information for participation:

    ???? 2PM on 05.09.2021

    ???? Meeting ID: 530 079 6125

    ❗️ To register for participation, write to us at with your full name and contact phone number.

    ❗️ The first 100 registered participants will receive a compliment from us - 1 pack of quick COVID-19 Ag Test!

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    We are expecting you!