“Modern microbiology - a challenge for improving quality of life - 75th anniversary of the Stephan Angeloff Institute of microbiology” - 14th March 2022


    Dear Partners and Friends,

    The conference "Modern microbiology - a challenge for improving the quality of life - the 75th anniversary of the Stephan Angeloff Institute of Microbiology" will be held on 14th March.

    RIDACOM awarded as "Best Growing Company" for 2020, has the honor and pleasure to participate in and support this important event. We have prepared many surprises for the good atmosphere of the holiday: Product premieres, Revolutionary technologies, Attractive promotions and others…

    A small part of them:

  • How to identify microorganisms in minutes? Meet the AUTOF MS 1000 MALDI-ToF, which has the largest database of over 15 900 strains.
  • Count and evaluate the vitality of cells with minimal effort WITHOUT consumables, using DeNovix's patented DirectPipette technology, Platinum Quality Label from Select Science. Do not miss the opportunity to register with us to participate in the raffle to win a unique platinum model CellDrop™.
  • Live: Automatic pipettes with unique design - the new IKA PETTE awarded the German Design Award in the category "Excellent product design - industry".
  • As participants in the conference you will be able to take advantage of our exclusive promotional offers in the field of cell culture and molecular biology, covering a wide range of products for your scientific achievements.

    Students and young scientists are more than welcome! Do not miss the anniversary scientific session, as well as the opportunity to meet with us and get more information on how to start your career in the best way, becoming part of RIDACOM's internship programs. And as always we have prepared special surprises for you!

    Welcome to 14th March 2022 in the hall "Marin Drinov" (the building of BAS-Administration), where we will be waiting for you in a pleasant atmosphere with a cup of aromatic coffee to discuss your laboratory needs and global trends in its field and to put a wonderful start to the new week!

    We are expecting you!

    With best wishes,

    The RIDACOM team

    Files for download:
    Download Програма - 75 години Институт по микробиология - БАН