XX Jubilee National Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infections of BAM - 16-18 September 2022


    Dear Partners and Friends,

    !! 16-18 September 2022 !!

    Have you booked these dates on your calendar?

    And this year we worked tirelessly to defend our recognition as the most successful diagnostic company in the Balkans, to open new horizons and realize our ambitious endeavors. As a result of our hard work, part of our portfolio is now new product solutions for the benefit of fast and accurate diagnostics, for your benefit!

    We achieve our success thanks to you! Thank you for your trust, for your criticism and demandingness, encouragement and support.

    We are waiting for you at Plovdiv Medical University with its most attractive presentation to date, a rich lecture and exhibition part, numerous games and prizes, as well as an abundance of good mood!

    In the lecture and exhibition part in the RIDACOM space, expect:

    • MALDI-ToF – not the future, but the present

      How Autof MS1000 became the most preferred and popular identification system in Bulgaria for 2022. Learn more, not only from us, but also from the many laboratories that are already daily identifying with the best MALDI-ToF system, with the largest database of 17000 strains.

      During our lecture, you will learn why the Autof MS1000 is the number one MALDI-ToF identification system, as well as the latest developments enabling the system to be used in antimicrobial susceptibility testing, bacterial identification from blood cultures and nucleic acid detection.

    • Blood cultures - premiere of BC60 from Autobio

      The system that will revolutionize the diagnosis of blood infections and provide a new dimension of quality at an affordable price for any laboratory.

    • BIOMIC V3 (AST) – speed and security

      Established as the most prestigious and intelligent EUCAST antibiogram reporting and interpretation system, now more accessible than ever.

    • DAGATRON Auto GRAM Stainer – no more manual staining

      The easiest and most convenient automated solution for Gram staining in your laboratory.

    • Femoflor – a new approach to the diagnosis and treatment of reproductive problems, through a complex analysis of the endometrial microbiome
    • Cervical cancer screening - a comprehensive solution for cytological examination, detection and typing of HPV
    • 1POT MDx System – the fastest and most compact Point-of-Care molecular system for SARS-CoV-2 detection
    • CLIA – a chemiluminescent immunological analyzer with an innovative design and uncompromising quality under the best conditions
    • INSTAND & RIDACOM – together for quality assurance in diagnostic laboratories. Find out how RIDACOM can ensure an easy, seamless and successful participation in the entire external control process.

    Don't miss out on winning:

    • 1POT MDx- Point-of-Care molecular system from 1drop
    • MAST Antibiotic Disc Dispenser
    • External quality control program from INSTAND
    • … and many more surprises

    Special Guest:

    • Sue Thomson, MAST Group Ltd, UK. The best quality antibiotic discs from 1957 till today

    We are looking forward to seeing you!

    Files for download:
    Download Програмата на RIDACOM - БАМ 2022г.
    Download Програма - XX Юбилеен Конгрес по Клинична Микробиология и Инфекции на БАМ