CAPP Promotional Campaign 2020


    Dear partners and friends,

    The surprises continue!

    Together with CAPP AHN we have prepared irresistible promotional offers!

    You can benefit by December 31, 2020.


    The promotions* are:

    CAPPSELECT-2020-01 Buy reload tips, get 1 ecopipette FREE

    CAPPSELECT-2020-02 Buy 2 mL micro tubes, get 1 CR-68 microcentrifuge FREE

    CAPPSELECT-2020-03 Buy 0.5 mL cryo tubes, get 1 case (36 pcs.) 0.5mL plastic cryoboxes FREE

    *The Promotional code is only valid once per order. We can only offer you this promotion as long as stock lasts.



    • 5030035C Expell 10 µL, reload, 500x96 pcs.
    • or 5030055C Expell 10 µL XL Extra Narrow, reload, 500x96 pcs.
    • or 5030095C Expell 200 µL, reload, 500x96 pcs.
    • C02-1 Capp pipette, variable vol. 0.2-2 µL, ecopipette (length as C10-1)
    • or C10-1 Capp pipette, variable vol. 0.5-10 µL, ecopipette
    • or C20-1 Capp pipette, variable vol. 2-20 µL, ecopipette
    • or C50-1 Capp pipette, variable vol. 5-50 µL, ecopipette
    • or C100-1 Capp pipette, variable vol. 10-100 µL, ecopipette
    • or C200-1 Capp pipette, variable vol. 20-200 µL ecopipette
    • or C1000-1M Capp pipette, variable vol. 100-1000 µL with 2 µL increment, ecopipette


    • 5102000C Expell Secure microcentrifuge tubes 2.0 mL, bag, 160x500 pcs.
    • or 5102005C Expell Secure microcentrifuge tubes 2.0 mL, pre-sterile, bag, 160x500 pcs.
    • CR-68 Capp Rondo Microcentrifuge 6.000 rpm/2.000g


    • 5040500C Expell cryo tube 0,5 mL, pre-sterile, bag, 40x100 pcs.
    • 5040510C Expell Plastic cryobox, 130 x 130 x 32 mm, grid 10 x 10 for 0,5 mL cryovials, case with 36 pcs.