MyGel InstaView™ Promotion


    Say "Hello!" to the incredible promotion from Benchmark Accuris!

    You have the incredible opportunity to use -15% off the cost of the fantastic and innovative MyGel InstaView™ Gel Electrophoresis system for real time viewing, supplied with gel tank, orange filter, casting set, smart blue light transilluminator, image enclosure and with or without power supply.

    You think this is not enough?

    We also offer 1x SmartGlow™ Dye for FREE with any system!

    Detailed system features:

    • MyGel InstView System, two versions available with or without power supply
    • View DNA migration as it happens in real time!
    • Safe Blue Light illumination at 456nm
    • Gel enclosure supplied for easy image capture on your smartphone
    • SmartGlow Safe Green Stain, replaces hazardous ethidium bromide
    • SmartGlow Pre Stain or Loading Dye, FREE