1copy™ COVID-19 qPCR 4plex Kit - kit for rapid 50-minute detection of COVID-19


    Dear Partners and Friends,

    The Real-Time PCR test remains the gold standard for proving and confirming COVID-19 infection due to its proven highest sensitivity to all other available methods. The main disadvantage of this method is the duration of the analysis, which is usually about 2 hours.

    Rapid analysis is a priority for both patients and professionals deciding on patient care, control and limiting spread of the infection.

    We present to your attention 1copy ™ COVID-19 qPCR 4plex Kit, CE IVD (1 drop, South Korea) - a kit for rapid 50-minute detection of COVID-19!

    Some of the advantages and characteristics of 1copy ™ COVID-19 qPCR 4plex Kit, CE IVD (1 drop, South Korea) are:

    • Simultaneous detection of 3 SARS-CoV-2 genes: RdRp, N and E gene
    • Endogenous GADPH control included to evaluate viral RNA sampling and extraction process
    • Quick analysis: 50 min.
    • High sensitivity: 5 copies / reaction
    • CE-IVD and US FDA certified

    Contact us for more information about the test. Our experts are on hand to assist with recommendations for optimizing the time and productivity of the entire analytical process by introducing you to the latest automated and robotic solutions or other innovative solutions.

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