Promotional prices of rapit test for detection Borrelia Ag in tick


    Finding the tick is only the first step, the second is testing it.

    Ticks and the dangers they hide

    Lyme disease (Lyme borreliosis, tick-borne borreliosis) is an infectious disease transmitted mainly by tick bites, a disease with a large number of external clinical manifestations. It is due to bacteria of the genus Borrelia, of which more than 10 species are known today.

    Statistics show a high incidence of childhood morbidity (10-14 years) and an active adult population (24-46 years). These are seasonal infections, coinciding with the periods of mite activity - from mid-April to October, with a maximum reached in May, June and July (depending on geography).

    Can you test a removed tick?

    The test we offer are easy and convenient for rapit use. It is adapted for the analysis of small to medium-sized ticks. A positive test result indicates that the tick tested is a carrier of Borrelia.

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