Autof MS 1000 MALDI-ToF - Revolution in Microbiology


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    Rapid and accurate diagnosis of microbial pathogens is decisive in diagnostics. However, although the conventional methods, which are mostly based on biochemical tests and long incubation procedures, are precise and sensitive; they are rather slow to be used daily.

    MALDI-ToF is a revolutionary analytical technology, which reduces the time of identification of microogranisms, provides higher sensitivity and specificity at the level of the species and strains and greatly reduces the cost of reagents and consumables, thereby offering a solution to the problems posed by the traditional methods.

    RIDACOM has the pleasure to present to your attentionAutof MS 1000 MALDI-ToF from Autobio, anautomated system forhigh-speed and high-confidenceidentification and taxonomical laser-induced classification of bacteria, yeasts, fungi, and filamentous fungi based on proteomic fingerprinting.

    Autobio is the fastest growing Chinese microbiological company that has developed a MALDI-ToF system for the identification of microorganisms, based on personal know-how, absolutely competitive with Bruker and with significant advantages over BioMerieux.

    Autof MS 1000 is the MALDI-ToF system with the best characteristics at the momennt, which include:

    • Fully complete data base with more than 4943 species and 15993 strains, which updates and grows regularly and freeof charge.
    • High quality performance, over 300 samples per hour
    • High quality laser detector, made in Germany with extended life - a minimum of 400 million laser shots, which is approximately equals a total of 900 thousand samples
    • Cleaning free ion source, eliminating the need for manual cleaning or cleaning with the laser beam, thereby preserving the life of the laseer
    • Compact size, one piece of software for both target analysis and scoring
    • Included installation, training and free maintenance for the first two years.

    Special prices applied until the end of 2021.

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    If you require to obtain more information, an online presentation or the opportunity to make Autof MS 1000 part of your laboratory, do not hesitate to contact us.

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