Awards Student of the Year of Sofia University - 2019


    The "Student of the Year" competition is the most prestigious event that the Student Council organizes annually. It is held under the condition of the Rector of Alma Mater and aims to help students and PhD students and distinguish the best of them.

    This year's competition is attended by more than 200 students. Candidates are divided into 11 categories: "Pedagogical Sciences"; "Humanities"; "Social Sciences"; "Economic Sciences"; "Law Science"; "Natural Sciences and Biotechnology"; "Maths and IT"; "Health"; "Voluntary Activity", "Foreign Student" and "Sport".

    The jury is given the difficult task of choosing between such talented and worthy students and they decided that Alexander Leshev of the Faculty of Law is the student of the year of the Sofia University. Every applicant or nominee receives a certificate and gifts. The winner in category ”Natural Sciences and Biotechnology” was awarded by RIDACOM.

    Detailed information can be found at this link