MCDB 151 Medium with Trace elements, L-Glutamine and 28mM HEPES buffer w/o Sodium bicarbonate


    With: Trace elements, L-Glutamine and 28mM HEPES buffer

    Without: Sodium bicarbonate

    MCDB media were developed for the culture of specific cell types without a serum supplement. The media were supplemented with growth factors, hormones, trace elements, or low levels of dialyzed fetal bovine serum protein (FBSP). Each MCDB medium was formulated for a specific cell type. MCDB 105 and 110 were formulated for rapid clonal growth of normal human diploid cells. MCDB 131 medium was originally developed for the clonal growth of human micro-vascular endothelial cells (HMVEC). MCDB 151, 201 and 302 were originally developed for human keratinocytes, clonal growth of chick embryo fibroblasts and CHO cells.

    AT134 is MCDB 151 with trace elements, L-glutamine and 28mM HEPES buffer. HEPES, a zwitterionic buffer having a pKa of 7.3 at 37ºC prevents the initial rise in pH that tends to occur at the initiation of a culture and increases the buffering capacity of the medium. Its does not contain Sodium bicarbonate. Users are advised to review the literature for recommendations regarding medium supplementation and physiological growth requirements specific for different cell lines.

    Cat. No.: AT134-20L
    Package: 20 L

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