Serological pipettes, 1 mL, sterile


    Capp Harmony are sterile serological pipettes (1 mL), designed for rapid and accurate dispensing of large variety of fluids, especially in the field of tissue cultures and microbiology. These pipettes are guaranteed non-haemolytic (ISO 10993-4), tested for cytotoxicity (ISO 10993-5) and endotoxins (C.5 Eu/Ml) (ISO TO993-11) and pyrogene-free.

    • Volume: 1 mL
    • Material: high quality medical-grade polystyrene
    • Pack: individually wrapped
    • Sterility: gamma radiation
    • Tested for cytotoxicity and endotoxins, DNase/RNase free, non-haemolytic
    • Cotton plugged
    • Additional pipetting volume
    • Fit most widely used pipettors
    • Sharp and bright graduation
    • Color code for easy identification: 1 mL - yellow
    • Suitable for tissue cultures and microbiology
    Cat. No.: SP-1-C
    Package: 500 pcs

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