Capp ecopipette automatic pipette - variable volume - 100-1000 µL


    Capp ecopipettes belong to the highest class automatic variable volume single channel pipettes. Besides that Capp ecopipettes are constructed from some of the most renewable durable resources available and are packed using recyclable and biodegradable materials. Ecopipettes are the only pipettes with fixed and variable exchangeable counter mechanism. These pipettes are compatible with all major pipette tip brands. Metal cone end of the ecopipettes feature double o-rings for better pipette tip seal. Ecopipettes are fully autoclavable without disassembly, require only light aspiration and blow-out forces and assure ease of tip ejection.

    • Variable volume: 100-1000 uL
    • Color coding for easier identification: blue
    • Inaccuracy (%): 2.00/0.80
    • Imprecision (%): 0.60/0.20
    • The only pipette with fixed and variable exchangeable counter mechanism
    • Reduced forces for aspiration, blow-out and pipette tip rejection
    • Smooth tip mounting and ejection
    • Compatible with all the major pipette tip types
    • Double o-rings for optimal pipette tip seal
    • Robust design
    • Lockable volume controller
    • Fully autoclavable without disassembly
    Cat. No.: C1000-1
    Package: 1 pcs

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