Σ-Virocult®  Virus specimen transport for Molecular and Culture Techniques


    Σ-Virocult® has long been recognised as one of the best transport devices for viruses, demonstrating survival of many types of virus at ambient temperatures, including Corona Virus (COVID), Herpes Simplex Virus, Varicella-Zoster Virus, Influenza Type A (including Novel HIN I, HSN I, and H3N2) , Influenza Type B, respiratory syncytial virus, mumps virus, adenovirus, rhinovirus, and various enterovirus.Virocult® medium stabilises virus particles allowing long survival, and contains antimicrobials to prevent the growth of any bacteria and fungi present in the specimen.

    Virocult® Medium
    • Respiratory viruses
    • STD's
    • Skin lesions
    • Enteric viruses
    • Compatible with molecular techniques
    • Compatible with RT-PCR
    • Compatible with culture
    Σ-Swab® Swab and Tube
    • Open-celled foam bud for optimum absorption and release
    • Optimum performance with molecular test systems
    • Breakpoint for easy handling, ensures exact fit of swab in tube and swab capture
    • Self-standing for convenience l Inner
    • Conical base – can be centrifuged
    • Screw cap with integral swab capture


    Sigma-Virocult® conforms to the requirements of the European Medical Devices Directive and In Vitro Medical Devices Directives

    Validated to M40-A

    Virocult® & Sigma-Virocult® are validated according to CLSl (Clinical & Laboratory Standards Institute) M40-A standard for viral culture transport devices, which requires survival of reference strains for at least 96 hours at ambient or refrigerated temperatures.

    Material: Shatterproof polypropylene

    Vial: 125 pcs.

    Sterility: Gamma-sterilization

    Fill: 1mL; 2mL

    Cat. No.: MW951S
    Package: 125 pcs.

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