Nextractor®  Automated DNA/RNA Extraction System


    Nextractor® is an automatic nucleic acid extraction equipment that efficiently extracts DNA / RNA from a large variety of samples. As a result, Nextractor® significantly reduces the time and effort required for research, and minimizes user errors to ensure accurate results. In addition, the concentration and purity of the extracted DNA / RNA is excellent, giving users a high level of satisfaction.

    Nextractor® Features:

    • Fully Automated Extraction
      • Fast and easy process, minimizing the work and contact with the infectious material - the sample is applied directly to a ready-made cartridge for analysis, which is loaded into the system
    • High Throughput
      • 48 Samples for 20 minutes
    • Pre-filled Cartridge type of Reagent
      • 1 / 8 / 24 samples
      • No need to change the format regardless sample size
    • User Interface
      • Easy to operate with minimum training
      • Pre-programmed and User defined Protocol
      • Integrated thermoblock for optimal lysis and elution of RNA / DNA
      • 7" touch screen
    • Safety
      • Built-in UV lamp for decontamination of work surfaces inside the system
      • Door sensor for user protection

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    • CE-IVD and FDA certificates
    Cat. No.: NX-48S
    Package: 1 pcs.

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