DeNovix DS-11 Spectrophotometer/Fluorometer


    DeNovix DS-11 is the most sensitive spectrophotometer-fluorometer for microarrays of RNA and DNA. Winner of the Scientists' Choice Awards for 2017 and 2018 and the Platinum Seal of Quality Award. Suitable for various applications:

    • Includes a sample port for measuring micro-volumes as well as a cuvette module
    • Absorption and fluorescence measurements of DNA, RNA and proteins (determining their concentration and purity)
    • Possibility of measuring micro-quantities from the sample: 0.5 to 1 μL sample
    • Optical cell density measurement
    • Ability to perform kinetic analyzes using the cuvette module
    • No need for calibration
    • SmartQC™ function signals that the sample does not meet the criteria for purity of RNA or DNA
    • An integrated fluorometer allows the most accurate determination of the concentration of DNA and RNA
    • Reconfigured protocols for fluorescence measurement of DNA, RNA and proteins
    • 4 Fluorescence channels: UV, Blue, Green, Red
    • Suitable for use with highly degraded or low concentration samples
    • Android operating system and computer-free management


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    Package: 1 pcs.

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