DTprime Real-Time Detection Thermal Cycler - 5-channel 


    DTprime Real-Time Detection Thermal Cycler combines innovative technical solutions, flexibility of setup, user- friendly English/Russian interface and reliable design. DTprime is the optimal choice for diagnostic laboratories with high throughput as well as for researchers that need some fine tuning and setup optimization.

    DTprime Features:

    • DTprime real-time PCR system is used for qualitative and quantitative analysis of DNA and RNA targets in the fields of:
      • Human genetics;
      • Gene Expression profiling;
      • Pathogen detection, quantification and genotyping;
      • Complex bacterial communities testing.
    • High performance and flexible: you can both apply separate tubes and strips, and standard 96-well plates as expendables,
      and 384-well microplates in X1 versions;
    • 5 channel optical system with narrow spectral range custom-made filters accounts for reliable multiplex detection.
    • Fam – 470/40 – 515/30 (compatible with SybrGreen)
    • Hex – 530/20 – 560/20 (compatible with VIC, R6G)
    • Rox – 580/30 – 620/30 (compatible with TAMRA)
    • Cy5 – 630/20 – 660/20
    • Cy5.5 – 687/20 – 731/30
    • Original DTmaster software lowers the probability of mistakes and is used for sophisticated assays requiring multiple settings application.
    • An embedded microcontroller and display allowing to execute programs without direct supervision as well as to resume program execution in a case of a power failure or an unexpected computer shutdown;
    • The user can work with robotized sample processing systems due to the special geometry of the body and the automatic pull-out thermal unit;
    • Several devices can be controlled simultaneously by one computer. Moreover any batch of data can be viewed and analyzed by the user using computer while another amplification program is being executed;
    • Can be easily integrated with any laboratory information system (LIS) as the device can save all data in a standard graphic or text formats ready to be loaded into databases.

    • CE-IVD certificated
    • ISO 13485:2016
    • ISO 9001:2015
    Cat. No.: О-DTPRIME5M1-EU
    Package: 1 pcs.

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