About us

    RIDACOM is a leading and comprehensive BioScience supplier in the field of laboratory diagnostic, biology, chemistry and medical sciences.

    RIDACOM is a leader in providing advanced laboratory solutions that meet the highest professional standards - laboratory test kits and reagents, culture media and supplements, in-vitro diagnostic medical devices, laboratory equipment and consumables, overall design, equipment and establishment of specialized laboratories.

    We believe that science and diagnostics must be affordable and the scientists have to feel free in their choice and therefore offer products, services and integrated solutions with the highest quality of next generation that allow them to get the best of best prices.

    RIDACOM extensive portfolio includes high-quality products and services in various fields of application:


    Food & Feed Safety




    Clinical diagnosis

    Molecular Biology

    Science and Research

    Agricultural Science

    Cell Biology


    Veterinary Diagnostics

    Science and education

    Analysis of the environment and drinking water

    Production laboratories


    RIDACOM is the best choice for your lab because:

    + You will get your supplies from ISO certified supplier, stored under optimal conditions in premium warehouses with long shelf life

    + You can contact us at any time to discuss your needs and technical issues. Competent customer service and support is our top priority

    + You can choose from a full range of microbiology and laboratory products and devices more than 50 000, including many "hard to find" products

    + Your items are delivered quickly, usually the next day, resulting in a stock of over 5,000 items and the possibility of express delivery of the majority of the product range

    + You will get a full assistance and support from competent experts for every product. You can rely on the implementation of new methods, installation and maintenance of your equipment and training from high qualified specialists to ensure optimal results when using our products