COVID-19 Promotional campaign

    30.06.2020 Dear Partners and Friends, In recent days, the new cases of COVID-19 infectiony are growing again and reaching new peaks with a record number of infected per day. Fast and reliable diagnosis is the basis for limiting the spread of the disease. To help control the situation today, together with our partners from RapiGen Inc., Korea and Artron Laboratories Inc., Canada, we are announcing promotional terms for the purchase of high-quality rapid tests to detect SARS... More

    American support to the Ministry Of Health

    24.04.2020 Spirit of America is a non-profit organization: a public charity. It's mission is to support the safety and success of Americans serving abroad and the local people and partners they seek to help. Expressing its generosity and support, Spirit of America Worldwide donated 576 PCR test kits for the detection of COVID-19 to the Bulgarian Ministry of Health. We believe this donation will save lives and help in the fight against coronavirus! We are stronger together! Thank you fo... More

    Guidelines for Collecting, Handling and Testing Clinical Specimens from Persons for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    01.04.2020 All COVID-19 tests should be performed in consultation with a health care practitioner and only in patients demonstrating symptomatic disease. Proper sampling is the key to accurate and correct laboratory test results! In addition to the most complete SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic portfolio, you can find up-to-date information, expertise and methodological assistance for each stage of the diagnostic process. Here's a quick guide to guidelines for collecting, manipulating and test... More

    MyGel InstaView™ Promotion

    14.02.2020 Say "Hello!" to the incredible promotion from Benchmark Accuris! You have the incredible opportunity to use -15% off the cost of the fantastic and innovative MyGel InstaView™ Gel Electrophoresis system for real time viewing, supplied with gel tank, orange filter, casting set, smart blue light transilluminator, image enclosure and with or without power supply. You think this is not enough? We also offer 1x SmartGlow™ Dye for FREE with any system! Detailed syste... More

    CAPP Promotional Campaign 2020

    07.02.2020 Dear partners and friends, The surprises continue! Together with CAPP AHN we have prepared irresistible promotional offers! You can benefit by December 31, 2020. . The promotions* are: CAPPSELECT-2020-01 Buy reload tips, get 1 ecopipette FREE CAPPSELECT-2020-02 Buy 2 mL micro tubes, get 1 CR-68 microcentrifuge FREE CAPPSELECT-2020-03 Buy 0.5 mL cryo tubes, get 1... More

    Diagnostic of Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) COVID 2019

    05.02.2020 On 31 December 2019, a cluster of pneumonia cases of unknown etiology was reported in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. The causative agent was identified as a novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV, COVID-19, which has since then infected thousands of people. The clinical presentation of 2019 nCoV infection ranges from asymptomatic to very severe pneumonia with acute respiratory distress syndrome, septic shock and multi-organ failure, which may result in death. Healthcare servi... More

    Win Femoflor® Screen test for free

    23.12.2019 Dear Ladies, Femoflor® is a modern Real-Time PCR-based test that enables complex analysis and evaluation of vaginal microflora, diagnosis of dysbiosis and detection of sexually transmitted infections. Traditional commonly used diagnostic methods are based on the patient's symptoms, which, in cases of vaginal dysbiosis, often lack or resemble the symptoms of other infections. Some of these methods involve subjectivity in the reporting of results, the inab... More

    Christmas offers 2019 from RIDACOM

    18.12.2019 Dear partners and friends, Thank you for another year of trust and success moving forward and achieving our goals together! For us in 2019, amazing things happened, related to the development of our company. We are happy that you have been part of it and side by side with us at all events, congresses, training seminars, and that we have been able to tackle the challenges together. You know that you can count on us to find the best solutions for your daily work, from... More

    Capilia™ Flu Neo Rapid test for detection of Influenza A & B virus antigen

    29.11.2019 The monitoring of influenza viruses is an important element of the World Health Organization's Global Flu Strategy 2019-2030. Early detection of the flu virus significantly limits the spread of the virus and reduces the severity of the flu infection. Diagnosing influenza infection helps reduce unnecessary use of antibiotics! In view of the coming flu season, we present to you the latest addition to the RIDACOM portfolio from the Japanese manu... More

    High Quallity Microscopes by EUROMEX and RIDACOM

    01.09.2019 Dear specialists, It is a great pleasure to bring to your attention the newest manufacturer in our extensive portfolio - EUROMEX, Creator of unique designs of HQ microscopes and digital optical devices which find application in all areas- from Automotive to Embryology… Discover the greatest variety and choose your new microscope in the best features of the website and specially designed for you to look for: After the hottest month, we off... More

    Qvintip® – Self-sampling device, validated for HPV testing

    01.07.2019 Qvintip ® is a device whereby taking a vaginal sample is easy, comfy and also possible at home. For maximum convenience, the process is done in few simple steps followed by sending the sample to a specialized laboratory. Why is it important to regularly do such a test? The risk of infecting with HP... More

    Special offer by RIDACOM and Benchmark Scientific

    17.06.2019 Dear partners and friends, we are happy to inform you that with purchasing SmartDoc Imaging Enclosure, you will receive a free gift – Sproket Portable Bluetooth Printer. SmartDoc Imaging Enclosure is a system designed to safely view nucleic acids in agarose gels. Instead of UV light, BLUE is used, which is safer for lab personnel and will not damage DNA samples. It is suitable for easy capture of the gel with a smartphone... More

    RIDACOM took part in the “Career development day” 2019

    31.05.2019 Over the past years, the Faculty of Biology has organized a roundtable within the traditional Youth Conference "Klimenove dni", where students and employers meet. For the first year, the event is held as a Day of Career Development. RIDACOM took part because one of our goals is to support the development of science. Many young and ambitious students had the opportunity to get ... More

    Awards Student of the Year of Sofia University - 2019

    29.05.2019 The "Student of the Year" competition is the most prestigious event that the Student Council organizes annually. It is held under the condition of the Rector of Alma Mater and aims to help students and PhD students and distinguish the best of them. This year's competition is attended by more than 200 students. Candidates are divided into 11 categories: "Pedagogical Sciences"; "Humanities"; "Social Sciences"; "Economic Sciences"; "Law Science"; "Natural Sciences and... More

    MAST CARBA PAcE - Rapid carbapenemase detection test

    28.05.2019 The new MAST® CARBA PAcE is an easy and affordable screening test that provides rapid results within 10 minutes, and is reliable in detecting carbapenemase production to help treat the patient. In addition to this, no special equipment is required which allows the method's easy integration into all laboratory workflows. Increasing antimicrobial resistance is one of the most serious global challenges faced by healthcare. This is why it is important to rapidly detect ca... More

    Easter promotion at RIDACOM

    24.04.2019 Dear partners and friends, In connection with the approaching Easter holidays, we would like to give you amazing 15% discount for your favorite high-quality devices of CAPP Denmark and Benchmark Scientific USA. Until 14.05.2019, you can take advantage of the promotional prices of all products in the brochure and as always, you can rely on our competent service when choosing the most appropriate devices for your work! Did ... More

    Femoflor® - Comprehensive assay for complex evaluation of vaginal microbiome composition

    18.02.2019 Infections in female urogenital system are an exceedingly common worldwide problem. The composition of the vaginal microflora has a significant role for women’s health and for the development of various pathological conditions in female genitourinary system. Changes in the composition of the normal vaginal microbiota increase the risk of acquiring sexually transmitted infections and has a negative impact on women’s health and reproductive functions. There is a need for a c... More

    World Cancer Day

    04.02.2019 Early diagnosis of cancer generally increases the chances for successful treatment by focusing on detecting symptomatic patients as early as possible. Delays in accessing cancer care are common with late-stage presentation, particularly in lower resource settings and vulnerable populations. The consequences of delayed or inaccessible cancer care are lower likelihood of survival, greater morbidity of treatment and higher costs of care, resulting in avoidable deaths and disability fro... More

    The winners in the Agar Art 2018 competition

    23.01.2019 The third edition of the Agar Art competition, which we organise along with magazine "Bulgarian Science" is now concluded. By sending an illustration created with microorganisms, the competitors showed us yet again that dangerous pathogens can be beautiful and that with the right care even the invisible by naked eye can grab people's attention. We thank everyone for the interest they showed and we hope that the different creations piqued your interest in the Microworld. The w... More

    ABCB1 test – personalized approach for depression treatment

    14.01.2019 Serious advances in molecular biology and genetics have given scientists the opportunity to understand the mechanisms behind many diseases and have since paved the way for personalized medicine. This aims to develop therapeutic approaches based not on the general clinical history of the disease, but based on the patient’s unique genetic characteristics instead. Personalized medicine is becoming more and more widely applied in the prognosis and treatment of many severe and socially-important d... More