Back to Kindergarten

    24.08.2023 After the long holidays, it's time again for a waves... of samples for all the little patients and their parents. As the month of September approaches, the usual preparations for the start of Nursery & Kindergarten begin. After an absence or upon initial admission, the necessary tests and documents must be provided. As always, we are ready to meet this challenge together with you, providing you with everything needed at attractive prices i... More

    RIDACOM Intership Program START@RIDACOM 2023

    27.07.2023 Application for the RIDACOM Internship Program is now open! We are excited and look forward to providing the most talented young professionals with the opportunity to start their careers in a company with an excellent global reputation and values. Our commitment is to support science and education and to share with young people the unlimited opportunities that we see ahead! RIDACOM is the fastest growing BioScience company on the Balkans and a leader ... More

    Borrelia diagnostic kits

    22.05.2023 Spring is here and with it the ticks! Did you know that the smallest tick holds a Guinness World Record and the largest can grow up to 150 times its original size? Did you know that ticks are real survivors and stuntmen? They go a long time without food and practice free fall in their attempts to find a host! If you manage to catch them, we offer you: Fassisi BoTick Rapid test - A rapid immunochromatographic test for the detection of Borrelia antigens d... More

    Precision Medicine for Glioblastoma - determination of MGMT methylation status

    11.05.2023 Glioblastoma is a highly aggressive form of brain tumor. MGMT gene promoter methylation is observed in about 50% of glioblastoma patients. MGMT is a gene that encodes O6-methylguanine-DNA-methyltransferase enzyme involved in DNA repair. The active form of MGMT provides repair of damaged DNA caused as a result of the action of alkylating agents. Upon loss of MGMT function due to epigenetic methylation of the promoter, cells are left with a reduced ability to repair these damages, leadin... More

    Orthodox Easter promotional campaign 2023

    14.04.2023 As the Orthodox Easter is approaching, RIDACOM would like to offer an attractive promotional campaign that includes current equipment and preferred consumables. With our best wishes for bright holidays, sharing moments and pleasant holidays, we share this year's Easter campaign. As a tradition with our partners, we provide you with discounts on some of our most current offers: Do you want to have a densitometer to measure the turbidity of the bacterial suspension... More

    Detecting group A streptococcal infections in children

    07.04.2023 An increase in invasive group A streptococcal infections among children in Europe, including deaths, alerted the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) at the end of 2022. The observed increases were reported to ECDC and the WHO Regional Office for Europe and followed a period of reduced incidence of Group A Streptococcus infections during the COVID-19 pandemic. The rise in cases of scarlet fever in children is also associated with increased circulation of respiratory vi... More

    RIDACOM special offer - Labcon ZAP Aerosol Filter Pipette Tips

    06.03.2023 Pipette tips are an essential part of the liquid handling procedure in the lab. The use of high-quality tips with a perfect fit, can guarantee the accuracy and sterility of your pipette. This can ultimately ensure the reliability of your laboratory’s results, allowing for a cost and time-effective workflow. Our team at RIDACOM is once again prepared to support your needs by providing you with the best offer on the market fo... More

    Promotional campaign for high-quality sterile sampling swabs

    20.02.2023 Sampling is one of the critical steps and largely determines the reliability of the laboratory analysis results obtained. Inappropriate sampling devices or incorrect sampling techniques can compromise test results, regardless of the sensitivity of the diagnostic devices used. Sterile swabs are among the most widely used sampling devices. In addition to their quality, the selection of a suitable swab is also essential for the purposes of the analysis. Check out our extensive por... More

    Bulgaria hosts 4th International World of Microbiome Conference - Sofia, 26 - 28 October 2023

    31.01.2023 We would like to officially announce that this year Bulgaria will host the 4th International World of Microbiome Conference (WoM 2023) - Sofia, October 26-28, 2023. For a fourth consecutive year, the largest international scientific forum on microbiome studies will bring together leading experts and researchers from all around the world joined by their common interests in the field of microbiome. The choice of Bulgaria to host the fourth edition of th... More

    Hyperplex qPCR panels for detection of respiratory pathogens

    15.01.2023 In the season of respiratory infections it is quite important to have the tools to detect and differentiate most frequently circulating pathogens of respiratory tract infections. According to official information, the most frequently reported respiratory pathogens this season are Influenza A, RSV and SARS-CoV-2. Other respiratory viral and bacterial pathogens are also detected, but with a lower frequency. According to reports from European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (E... More

    Rapid tests for respiratory viruses - 2023

    11.01.2023 With the increased number of cases of influenza type A, RSV, as well as cases of COVID-19 and scarlet fever in Europe, at the end of 2022 our preparations for seasonal epidemic activities have started. As always, we are fully prepared and have solutions for fast, accurate and reliable diagnostics. We have carefully selected the tests that not only guarantee the most reliable results, but also offer additional advantages in terms of format, time and method of execution. In... More

    Christmas Promotional Campaign 2022

    01.12.2022 Dear Partners and Friends, The Christmas atmosphere is already with us and we would like to share it with you again! This year, as a sign of gratitude for your support and loyalty, our campaign is more attractive than ever. We present you with innovative devices, unique technologies, as well as some of the most popular and established laboratory supplies. We present you with Christmas discounts on some of our most current offer... More

    INSTAND - Catalogue 2023

    19.10.2022 It's been our first year as an official partner of INSTAND. It has been a great responsibility and challenge for us but thanks to our mutual efforts and striving for improvement, we are proud of the results we have achieved together! We have successfully registered more than 70 external control programs for over 30 laboratories with more than 95% success rate and helped to ensure and improve quality and assessment by the best experts. RIDACOM is now an official partner ... More

    Cervical cancer screening

    21.09.2022 Cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer in women worldwide. Regular screening is key to prevention and early diagnosis of successful. RIDACOM's cervical cancer screening and diagnosis portfolio brings together clinically validated product solutions that meet the standards and requirements laid down in global guidelines and reviewed. It includes a combination of molecular and cytological methods providing the best strategy for screening, follow-up, risk assessment and triage: ... More

    Diagnosis of parasites

    02.08.2022 Parasitic diseases occupy an important place in the pathology of both adults and children and are the cause of the development of a number of complications in the long term. A wide variety of food products, poor hygiene and domestic animals can be causes of parasitic infections in humans. The most common parasites are Enterobius vermicularis (sedge), Ascaris lumbricoides (human roundworm) and Echinococcus granulosus (dog tapeworm), and some of the most important intestinal protozoan... More

    INSTAND - Evaluation of methods for the detection of mutations with an increased risk of thrombosis

    06.07.2022 The second round of INSTAND EQA schemes on thrombophilic genetic detection methods is coming. Statistics shows that screening for mutations predisposing to the development of thrombophilia is the most frequently performed genetic testing, with a particularly high frequency among pregnant women. The frequency of this examination, as well as its clinical significance, determine the need for periodic control and evaluation of the diagnostic methods used. ... More

    Molecular diagnostics of dermatophytes and quality assesment by INSTAND

    30.06.2022 Dermatophytosis is a widespread infection caused by a group of filamentous fungi - dermatophytes, which have the ability to invade keratinized tissues of the skin, hair and nails. Infections caused by these representatives are persistent and require a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment approach. Molecular detection methods are the gold standard, providing the fastest and most accurate species identification of dermatophytes. The DermaGen... More

    INSTAND - Еxternal quality control programs for virus detection methods

    20.06.2022 Methods for detection and identification of viral causes of infections are an important part of modern infectious diagnostics. Due to its specific structural and genetic features, accurate etiological diagnosis of viral infections remains a challenge. There are two main groups of methods routinely used in virological diagnostics - molecular genetic and serological. The new round of INSTAND for external quality control of virus detection methods allows you to check the ... More

    What do we need to know about Lyme disease?

    06.06.2022 Lyme disease is one of the most common types of tick-borne diseases (TBDs), but many questions remain about the long-term treatment of this disease. Borrelia burgdorferi is a spirochete that causes the disease and is transmitted to humans through the bite of an infected Ixodes tick. The interval from infection of a person through bloodsucking to the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease is called the incubation period and it lasts between 3 and 30 days. and In untreated patie... More

    Monkeypox virus - overview and testing guidelines

    25.05.2022 On 7 May, the UK Health Security Agency reported a confirmed case of Monkeypox virus in a person traveling to Nigeria. Over the next few days, more cases of monkeypox have been confirmed in the United Kingdom in people without a history of travel to endemic areas and without contact with the previously identified case. In the period from 13 to 23 May, a number of European countries registered more cases of monkeypox, including Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Germany, France, ... More