Microbiological differentiation:

    Bacteriological Identification is of utmost importance when one is dealing with bacteria associated with infections. The identification cannot be done solely on the basis of morphological colony characteristic. It also requires rapid screening of bacterial based on staining properties and biochemical characteristics. Stains play an important role in morphological evaluation of microorganisms which is an important tool used by pathologists to guide patient’s treatment.

    RIDACOM offers a wide range of ready to use biochemical differentiation disc, stains, indicators and reagents for rapid identification and differentiation of microorganisms.

    HiDtect™ Rapid Identification Discs - impregnated with chromogenic components that help the differentiation on general purpose medium. HiDtect™ have been developed to enable rapid and reliable detection of microorganisms from clinical samples, water samples, food samples, environmental samples etc. HiDtect are economical, convenient, rapid (reliable results in 1-4 hours), do not require any preparations.