Tests for mycotoxins:

    Mycotoxins are toxic secondary metabolites produced by fungi (moulds). Mycotoxins can be formed in agricultural products, such as cereals, and can also occur in related food, meat and dairy products originating from farm animals.

    Due to the frequent occurrence of mycotoxins and their severe toxic effects on animals and humans, maximum levels (MLs) for the major mycotoxins have been set by commission regulation. In accordance with the guidelines, specific detection methods were developed. These include enzyme immunoassays, lateral flow devices or immunoaffinity columns, etc.

    RIDACOM offers assays for screening of mycotoxins in food and feed.

    • RIDASCREEN® - Enzyme immunoassays (ELISAs) use the high specificity of antigen and antibody interaction to detect and quantify mycotoxins by photometric measurements.
    • RIDA®QUICK Lateral Flow tests are immunochromatographic tests for the semi-quantitative analysis of mycotoxins.
    • Immunoaffinity columns (e.g. RIDA®, EASI-EXTRACT®, PREP) use the high specificity of antigen and antibody interaction to isolate, purify and concentrate mycotoxins from many complex matrices prior to ELISA or chromatographic analysis.
    • Solid phase columns are used for the purification of mycotoxin contaminated samples prior to chromatographic analysis.