OT-2 Automated Pipetting System



    The automated pipetting system OT-2 allows increasing the level of research in any modern laboratory. Optimizes the production process, avoids mistakes, standardizes research, increases productivity and reproducibility, and saves staff time.

    OT-2 can be used for various PCR / qPCR assays and adjustments, sample normalization, NGS preparation and reagent kit production methods, as well as for serial dilution.


    One Robot, Countless Workflows:

    • Configurable 11-deck platform with options for Magnetic, Temperature and Thermocycler Modules
    • Swappable single & 8-channel pipettes for multiple volume configurations
    • Standardized (SBS) deck slots allow you to use labware you already own


    • 63cm x 57cm x 66cm / 25in x 22.5in x 26in (W,D,H)
    • Takes up half of your standard lab bench

    Pipette configurations:

    • Single and 8-channel pipetting
    • 2-pipette mounts, for a configuration of 1 or 2 single or 8-channel pipettes. Pipettes are easily interchangeable

    Pipette volumes and specs:

    • Single channel: 1-1000µl
    • 8-channel: 1-300µl

    Cat. No.: OT-2
    Package: 1 pcs.

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